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Thursday roundup

The Senate's Rejection of Export-Import Bank Critic Shows How Entrenched Crony Capitalism Is in Washington

The Export-Import Bank should be abolished. Most of the money goes to very large companies. Government makes a lousy banker.

How Western Activists Prevent Africans From Planting a Life-Saving Fruit

Funny how activism and interference in other nations keeps the poor in poverty.

Trump threatens to cut aid to U.N. members over Jerusalem vote

If he follows through, this is absolutely brilliant

Protests Rage In Sweden After Cops Tell Women To ‘Stay inside’ To Avoid Gang Rapes

It's hard to tell, but the rumbles are at least in the right direction.

The bill is flawed, especially the sunset for some of the tax cuts. More importantly, why do we have an income tax?

Watch Ted Kennedy's Life Get Derailed in Exclusive Chappaquiddick Trailer

If only people had paid this kind of attention right after the car went off the bridge

Suspension Reform Is Tormenting Schools

The article doesn't mention it so I will. Private schools have one huge advantage, the students want to be there.

Why People Fall for Fake History

Shining a light into the Dark Ages

Inside the Facebook Team Helping Regimes That Reach Out—and Crack Down

Just remember this when Facebook takes a political stand

Parents Upset Over Ivanka Trump's Surprise School Visit

There's no good reason for this outrage.

Ryan and McConnell head for clash over Obamacare

To quote an internet adage, "What fucks us is the compromise."

You Won't Be Able to Pay Taxes on a Postcard, and That's Exactly How H&R Block Likes It

Again, why not get rid of the income tax?

Massive leak exposes data on 123 million U.S. households

Your data is the product. Companies aren't paying you for it, and they aren't securing it either.

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