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Thursday roundup

Trump ICE pick: Politicians who run sanctuary cities should be charged with crimes

Technically they have broken the law

Why illegally obtained evidence is generally inadmissible in court

Worth reading

AfD politician 'censored' under new German hate speech law for anti-Muslim tweet

Why do I think that hate speech laws are designed to suppress inconvenient truth?

Metrics and Their Unintended Consequences

Very scary stuff

Why High School Kids Should Start Teaching Younger Students

Sounds like a pretty good idea

Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President

Not sure if it's accurate, but good reading

US Auto Sales Fall for 2nd Year at GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota, BMW, Mazda. Total 2017 Sales Drop Below 2015

The economy isn't as rosy as we've been told

For Big Problems, Small Solutions

Better to start with something positive than to sink into despair

Are you excited for another Women’s March on January 21?

I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what the last one did. Other than introduce a very silly fashion for hats

How Delaware is lining up to legalize recreational marijuana

There are going to be implications in surrounding states

The Critics of Proactive Policing Are Wrong

I have mixed feelings on this.

Manafort sues DOJ, Mueller over Russia probe authority

This needed to happen

Elgin Man Told to Stop 'Slumber Parties' for Homeless During Cold, He Says

Is this another example of how government doesn't approve of non-official charity?

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