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Friday roundup

Proselytizing Public School Official: ‘I’ll Stop When Someone Makes Me Stop’

You have every right to believe as you choose. You have NO to impose that belief on anyone else. Especially not kids.

German hate speech law tested as Twitter blocks satire account

Hate speech law is designed to suppress dissent

The Merciless Death of Obama’s Workforce Legacy

Obama did it through regulation. What one President can regulate, another can deregulate

‘I don’t even know HOW’: Some Oregonians panic about new self-service gas law

Something most of us take for granted.

Jeff Sessions Escalates the Federal War on Marijuana - and his Assault on Federalism

Let the States work it out for themselves

Being Black in Trump Country: Dozens of People Arrested for Less Than an Ounce of Weed

Not an ounce of weed each, but one single ounce of weed

Blame the Supreme Court for Letting the Feds Target Legal State Pot

Good information

Switzerland too Falls Out of Love with the EU

The EU is becoming increasingly dictatorial

The Free Market Lives On in France

Unexpected but encouraging

It's Not About Democracy: Control Fraud Is the Core of our Political System

This makes way too much sense

Another Retail Bankruptcy Wave Is on the Way, Credit Suisse Says

This may be the next commercial real estate bubble bursting

Oberlin College’s 100% sexual assault conviction rate prompts lawsuit, due process concerns

The accusations have become more important than the crime

The Spectre of an Advertising Meltdown: What You Need to Know

Good information on the latest cyberscare

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