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Monday roundup

Senior Hillary Adviser Tells Students He’s Nervous They Will Like The Tax Cuts And Vote Republican

They get to keep their own money and that makes them vote Republican?

Climate change expert sentenced to 32 months for fraud, says lying was a ‘rush’

I couldn't write a better headline

Radical Feminism Changes Men’s Perceptions Of Women In The Workplace

But do the radical feminists care? Not until it inconveniences them.

Man shot, killed by deputies after 911 call claiming woman was trying to kill family members

The police officer really should be held accountable

Bill Would Require NFL Team to Refund Snowflake Fans Offended by National Anthem Protests

I have no sympathy for the NFL or the hole they have dug for themselves. But this is exactly the wrong way to "fix" the problem. If you don't like what the NFL is doing during, then don't buy stadium tickets. Don't watch the games on TV.

Cliven Bundy-FBI debacle: Another example of why the feds need to be leashed

I bet the agents get off with a scolding

The FBI’s Dubious Probe of Hillary’s Emails

She broke the law by her own admission.

A Tale of Two Americas: Where the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Go to Jail

This is a big part of why we need a smaller government.

Column: Pagans Prepare for a New Women’s March

I still can't get anyone to tell me what the last one accomplished

Free Speech Leftists Still Exist

But very hard to find

Yes, But at What Cost?

Before you celebrate that raging economy, take a closer look

Lawsplainer: Attorney General Sessions' Threatened Action on Marijuana

Good explanation

Cory Gardner Warns Sessions: I’ll Hold Every DOJ Nomination Until You Reverse This Marijuana Decision

Interesting tactic

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