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Thursday roundup

After Section 702 Reauthorization

“On January 18, President Trump signed the renewal of Section 702, domestic mass surveillance became effectively a permanent part of US law.”

Mark Zuckerberg Is Betting On A Tactical Retreat To Save Facebook

Facebook was designed as a propaganda machine, it controls what you see and how you see it. But most of their power is because they track you. Related Facebook is still raking it in, even as people spend less time on the service

What is Sufism and why does it bother some Muslims?

Well now, that is interesting

CFPB Is Constitutional, Court Rules, in Victory for Unaccountable Bureaucrats Everywhere

Fuck that. Technocrats unaccountable? The question isn't even how it will go wrong or when it will go wrong, but how much will be destroyed

In shocking move, feds drop all charges against Sen. Bob Menendez

Spoiler: It's not because he's innocent

The Taliban Situation Has Only Worsened Since Trump Took Office

Funny how this one doesn't get mentioned when he's bragging about his successes

“Ethanol mandates raise the price of fuel, harms businesses, and create no green benefit.”

FBI expresses 'grave concerns' over Republican memo's accuracy

If a fraction of what I am hearing is accurate, the FBI conspired to fix the election.

Electric utilities pushing legislature to crush rooftop solar in Kentucky

So under what authority can you tell prevent solar panels?

Study: Leftists just as likely to be dogmatic authoritarians as those on the right

There is no virtue or vice in the label

Addicts Use Imodium to Help With Detox. That's a Terrible Reason for the FDA to Make It Harder to Get.

No drugs without authorization

State Department Sued For Internal Records On The Paris Climate Accord

When the result is flawed and requires an end run around existing law, we should examine the process carefully

When Democrats Wanted to Compromise on Immigration

An alternative take

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