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Tuesday roundup

Oscars: Celebrities Push Gun Control Surrounded by a Wall of 500 Armed Officers

All you need to know about the victim disarmament movement

The Government Has Already Tried Universal Basic Income. Here’s What Happened.

It doesn't work. And that's before anyone decides who is going to pay long term.

President Trump Isn’t Done Trampling On Our System Of Government (This Is What He Wants To Do Next)

Valid criticisms from a very conservative outlet

Should Facebook, Google and Twitter Be Public Utilities?

No, but he says some things that need to be said

20 states sue federal government, trying to pull the plug on Obamacare

Watch this carefully. It could be the greatest change in Constitutional law since the American Civil War.

‘Dreamers’ turn ire on Democrats as DACA deadline passes

Government is not your friend. Especially when politicos promise that it is

Irony 101: Campus ‘diversity dean’ springs into action after Christina Sommers’ speech gets a little TOO diverse

All other things being equal, the side that can't stand dissent is usually wrong.

The Oligopolization of Food Supply Hits a Snag

“Three companies to control 60% of world’s seed and pesticide markets.”

Amazon May Soon Open Up Their Own Checking Account System

This could explode the banking industry and centralized currency

Alabama Lawmakers Still Trying to Get Government Out of Marriage

Government never should have been involved

‘Social justice’ doesn’t help the oppressed – it exploits them

Yes, it does.

3 States Pushing Stricter Gun Laws After Parkland (Plus 2 States That Want to Make Gun Ownership Easier)

This is how it should be, working it's way through the states

The Right of Every Free Adult

“The right to keep and bear arms ought to be interminably linked with the right to vote.”

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