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I'll tell you what I believe

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I'll tell you what I believe

Just a few things here and there

Since I can't find anything in the news worth writing about, I'll recycle something I've written before but haven't published on this site.

I'll tell you what I believe.

In no particular order except maybe the first two and the last two.

I believe in honor. Not some romanticized notion or militaristic parody, but the real thing where you are true to yourself first, last, and always.

I believe in people's right to choose everything from their toothpaste to their faith to the folks they want to be around. And yes, sometimes that means walking away, enduring pain now to avoid greater tragedy later.

I believe that groups and voluntary associations should be exactly that, voluntary. I believe that organizing anyone who does not choose to be organized is patronizing. I believe that an institution that exists for the sake of the institution is doomed and dangerous.

I believe that no single man or woman can possibly understand everything. I believe there is a hard won difference between knowledge and experience and the two should not be confused. I believe wisdom is where you find it. I believe that the humblest has gifts to share.

I believe the universe has a sense of humor.

I believe that the only faiths worthy of freedom are those freely chosen.

I believe that a man can be measured in the lives that he touches.

I believe in speaking truth.

I believe in telling what I think you should know.

I believe that forced charity is extortion.

I believe that it's not freedom if you only defend the inoffensive.

I believe that allies work better than lieutenants because power with delivers more than power over.

I believe that compassion is not usually gentle and that kindness flows from strength.

I believe that the greatest gift is trust.

I believe that change begins at the borders.

I believe that most people go through life sleeping and let the robot do the driving.

I believe that our every act reflects deep in our secret heart, the part we hide even from ourselves. Every caress, every blow, every kiss, every stab, every encouraging word, every rage-filled scream molds our inner self even as we pretend it does not.

I believe that the universe is shaped by thought and driven by passion. I believe that magick is the essence of change and evolution.

I believe that gods make you stretch.

I believe that the World has a Song.

I believe we gather our own darkness, but we have to nurture our own light.

I believe that the Story is not the Journey.

I believe you don't have to share any of my beliefs. I believe you are free to choose for yourself and only for yourself.

I believe I am obligated to defend that freedom.

Posted: Thu - November 20, 2008 at 03:37 PM

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