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People wonder why I call Barak Obama Imperious Leader.

That’s when I remind them of the “Office of the Presidenti-Elect” and the faux Roman columns.

But it’s more than that.

The “post-racial” president uses the race-card to stop anyone who disagrees with him. Congress could have put a stop to this years ago. Now it’s too late and we’ll have to wait until Obama is out of office.

We have little people seeking their power through presidential favor. Courtiers. Lickspittles. Parasites.

They’ve forgotten that their power comes from the people. They’ve forgotten that character should count for more than political favors.

Take the TPP mess. The issue is not a single up-down vote. The issue is not a treaty negotiated in secret. The issue is the president dictating under what conditions members of Congress are “allowed” to examine the documents.

That is the Imperious Leader. And the Congressional leadership of “both sides” has decided to take it. And thank the president for it afterwards.

Well before I entered high school, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. wrote The Imperial Presidency. He never foresaw the length Obama would take it. And of course if you disagree with Obama, you’re racist.

But blast it, it’s not entirely Obama’s fault. Or even Congress.

It’s ours.

We elected them.

We’re not holding them responsible.

I’m not sure the Republic will survive.

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