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The last thing I'm writing about the 2016 election

To my American progressive and liberal readers.

If the election had gone your way, you would be gloating.

You would be telling conservatives to “man up” and “put your big boy pants on.”

The reason you’re worried now is because you bought into the hype that Hillary Clinton was trying to sell you.

HRC and most of the media lied to you.

They deliberately covered up her many misdeeds and lies.

No, I am not trumpeting Donald Trump’s virtues.

My choice was None Of The Above.

What I am telling you is Hillary Clinton is crooked. She’s been crooked for decades. She never “deserved” to be President. She deserved prison.

Even before she was elected Senator.

You were sold a bill of goods. Woman or not, Hillary Clinton has very few virtues. You should have known that when her strongest argument was that a woman should be President. She couldn’t tell you why
she should have been President.

With a great deal of luck, maybe this will defang the Clintons and their corruption.

Keep moving forward.

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