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The last, best hope

The last few days I’ve been playing with RapidWeaver, figuring out what it can do. There are still some things that have to be fixed with direct editing of the CSS files, but over all I am impressed.

Yes, it’s a one man shop, just me putting together the content. But in a real way, this blog celebrates the free market. First there’s McFiach, the MacBook Air I put this together with. Then there’s RapidWeaver. My domain registrar is Network Solutions, and my hosting company is MacHighway. Then add my ISP and the local electric company. And since I’m sipping a red cream soda that I didn’t finish with lunch, you have to add the company that made my fridge, Barq’s for making my soda, and my grocery store for providing the sandwich fixings.

I haven’t even covered the furniture yet.

All so I can sit down and say what I think and post it so you can read it. Although my ISP has been down for the last half hour, I don’t know when this will get up.

I’ve called the internet the last, best hope for humankind.

Yes, I caged the line from Babylon 5. It’s still true though.

There has never been anything like the internet in human history. I can find out nearly anything I want. I can stream movies. I can catch the latest videos from a hundred different countries. I can exchange emails with someone in Boston while I am messaging someone in Croatia. I can listen to Pentatonix while looking at webcams in Chicago. I can read a right wing website and a leftwing Twitter string at the same time. I can order depleted uranium or bid on a vintage motorcycle. I can pay my bills online while looking a ladies in very brief swimsuits that would probably disintegrate if they actually got wet.

And the amazing thing about this is that almost everyone on the planet with a internet connection can do the same thing and more.

Tommorrow the FCC is going to release the new internet regulations.

Don’t believe what they say. This is an administration that lies and lies some more.

Every unemployment number that the Obama administration has issued has had to be “revised” later. So have almost all the financial figures.

Remember you can keep your doctor and your insurance rates will go down?

Then there’s the bit about how the Feds wouldn’t prosecute marijuana crimes in states where medical marijuana had been made legal.

Or how the administration was going to make gay rights and especially gay marriage a priority.

Or how the troops were going to get pulled out of Afghanistan.

Or how racism was going to end in America.

This is an administration that lies and lies some more.

It’s not about net neutrality. It’s about control. There’s a secret plan you see.

I may have to license this website after tomorrow. I may have to submit articles in advance. I may be given topics that I am required to feature.


The internet is the last best, hope we have. But only if it stays free.
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