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Oversize Monday roundup

Mark Penn: Democrats don't understand this surprising secret of Trump's success

Paid Opposition(why the revolution will not be televised)

'No evidence' to back Kavanaugh accusers' claims, Senate panel's report on FBI probe finds

Yeah, well, we knew that. That's why the accusations were sprung at the twelfth hour

It’s Not Just One Bad Apple. Little Rock’s Police Department Is Rotten Throughout

“Radley Balko thoroughly documents a culture of misconduct, incompetence, and poor training, and the unnecessary deaths that resulted.”

Non-stop ads and robocalls: welcome to America's costliest election

Let Daylight Saving Time Die Already

The Danger in Media Telling Only Half the Story on Political Violence

What General Electric Is Doing to Dodge the Question: “When Will GE File for Bankruptcy?”

What’s Wrong with Bananas

Justice Kavanaugh declines more than $600,000 raised in GoFundMe campaign

He made the moral and ethical choice

Judge orders release of Antifa leader Yvette Felarca’s emails

What’s Behind The Erosion Of Civil Society?

Students for a Freer Future

“As U.S. campus politics deteriorate, a global movement of young libertarians finds its footing.”

Brooklyn Synagogue Vandal a Black Democratic Activist and Former City Hall Intern

Democrats Say Republicans Are Stealing the Midterms. Are They Right?

A Sign of Trouble for the Real Estate Market? SF's Largest Estate Has Seen Its Asking Price Slashed in Half

“Posh Ghost Towers”: Gloom Spreads Over London Housing Market as High End Freezes Up

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