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Monday roundup

How do you say 'whoops' in Russian? Podesta Group retroactively files more DOJ disclosures for pro-Putin work

Have you noticed that Democrats have many more than Russian connections than the Trump campaign did?

Gary Cohn speaks out: Trump 'must do better' in condemning neo-Nazis and white supremacists after Charlottesville

Why not condemn antifa?

Racially Motivated School-Secession Case Shows Need for Expanded School Choice

The free market could solve this.

Colorado Responds To Sessions’ Concerns About Legal Pot

A strict interpretation of the Tenth Amendment means the FedGovs have no power to prohibit pharmaceuticals.

Germany Raids, Shuts Down Far Left Website. Will You Stop Praising European Censorship Now?

Speech wars, international edition.

Google Begins Biggest Crackdown on Extremist YouTube Videos

The problem is that the process is far from perfect. News and education videos about Islamist extremists and others have also been hit.

Does the Left Know Something's Coming Involving Guns?

Damn speculative. Also far too intriguing. My paranoia is getting worse.

The Very Strange Indictment of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT Scammers

Curiously selective.

Does Anybody Understand What These Never Trump Republicans Think They’re Achieving?

You're watching the death throes of the Republican party.

7 Things Donald Trump Shouldn't Do After Hurricane Harvey

“The federal government is awful at handling disasters. Can we try not to screw it up this time?”

Cash is useless in Venezuela thanks to hyperinflation — so people are turning to bitcoin

More of this is coming, and not just in Venezuela.

Police Union Tries to Claim Being a Cop is a Race, Say They’re Victims of “Blue Racism”

The natural progression of hate crime laws and protected classes.

Cajun Navy's on the way: South Louisiana springs into action to help Texas amid Harvey floods

Private citizens to the rescue

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