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Monday roundup

Rival Throngs Protest in Venezuela as General Defects

It's looking more and more like the U.S. is pulling strings "behind the scenes" for a regime change. "For their own good" of course. America has a long history of doing that.

Real World Outcomes Show Vacuity of Arguments Supporting so-called "Net Neutrality"

The free market does things better, faster, and with more distribution than government. The reason is simple, there is a profit in it. No politico or technocrat can do it better without massive subsidies and regulation and taxes.

New Food Policy Report Calls for a Global War on Meat and Sugar

“Global food police want to treat meat and sugar products like tobacco.”

Facebook Fights Multibillion-Dollar Privacy Class Action

Facebook is not a good company. Facebook's business is selling information about you. Even the "services" that they provide are not good for you because those services are not under your control, no matter what the settings are.

The NFL Should Pay for Super Bowl Security, Not Taxpayers

“If Trump wants to negotiate good deals for taxpayers, he should start putting some pressure on his old nemesis: the National Football League.”

A Libertarian Litigator Dons the Judge's Robes

“Clint Bolick, a co-founder of the Institute for Justice, was for years one of the libertarian movement's most successful trial lawyers.”

Venezuela - Coup Attempt Part Of A Larger Project - Military Intervention Likely To Fail

If it's bad for other nations to meddle in American politics and elections, is't it bad for the U.S. to meddle in other nations?

Democrats are leaving Hillary Clinton behind

This is a Good Thing. The Clintons have been disrupting Democrat politics almost thirty years. The DNC needs leadership that doesn't have the Clinton fingerprints all over it.

Why All Anti-Interventionists Will Necessarily Be Smeared As Russian Assets

Nailed it. The real question is why do we assume that American intervention is a good and noble thing?

‘Cooling Is Warming’: Climate Hoaxters Panic As US Freezes, Media Provides Cover

Climate change crisis crowd claims civilization caused catastrophic conversions.

The Perfect Economy? How Sweden Is Shaking Up The EU

Cryptocurrency could do more for civilization than the printing press.

Government to Facebook Pipeline Reveals a Corrupt Mix of Social Media and the State

If people knew how tight the relationship between government and social media was, politicos would be decorating lampposts and not in a good way. You got screwed, and then someone else sold your data.

Super Bowl Ads Lecture America On Girl Power, Wind Power And Objectifying Mermaids

This won't end well. Americans don't like lectures with their entertainment. Expect backlash against these companies. Expect the companies to be absolutely clueless about why the backlash happened.

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