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The money thing

Okay, it came up again in one of my online discussions.

So I’m going to spread it around. Again.

Since it's come up again, here's my solution for campaign finance reform.

1. Only voters registered in the election area can contribute. If you are registered in Kansas, you can't contribute to a campaign in Florida. And yes, I know this would eliminate the power of the national parties and PACs and Emily's List and a whole index of others. Registered voters only.

2. All donations must be permanently and publicly disclosed before the election. No secret contributors or friends of friends or bundlers doing it on behalf of someone else.

3. Any unused funds must be returned proportionately to all contributors within days after the elections. No more "war chests," no more lobbyists with deep pockets, and no more carrying money from one election to another.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with gun control, but it does have everything to do with politics. Politics is controlling other people through the force of law.

An armed and determined populace is one of the best defenses against politics there is. Throw in jury nullification and you have a pretty good basic defense against ever-growing government power.

Which is one of the few vital issues that I and most conservatives agree on, an expanding government is a Really REALLY Bad Thing and Government Is Not Your Friend.

Maybe if I tell enough people, it will happen.

It’s the only campaign finance scheme that reduces the size of government, returns power to the voters, and keeps local money only in politics. Just something to think about.

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