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NeoNotes — No real difference

Actually there is very little difference between the "leaders" of either party. They don't object to stuff being done, they object to the other "guy" doing it and getting the credit.

The problem isn't the Republicans or Democrats, it is the state. It's going to continue until enough people realize that the self-appointed elites control the candidate selection and mostly control the agenda.

If you're supporting increased taxes to get money or benefits, you're supporting theft plain and simple. Politicos will spend all the money they can grab and then some. It won't be on the things you think you "deserve."

Then there is the numbers game.

The "rich" don't make enough money. Even if you seized every dollar the "rich" made, it wouldn't pay for everything. You have to go deep into the "middle class," well beyond the upper, beyond the middle, and well into the lower "middle class." And it's still not enough.

That brings us to the biggest second order function in a "progressive society." If people can't keep what they earn, why should they work harder to earn more?

Finally, (and this is the Really Important Bit™). Government is not your friend.

The purpose of government is not to help "the poor, the weak, and the minority."

It is to perpetuate and expand power at the point of a gun.

It won't help to get the "right people" elected, because they won't stay elected.

Instead, power backed by force will stay with unelected technocrats who are convinced that they know what is "for your own good" no matter what you say and do. class="ghoster">

As long as I am making a morning rant, I might as well use it twice.

NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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