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NeoNote — What happens when progressives are in charge?

I'm wondering what happens when progressives are in charge. Will they tolerate similar "resistance" from conservatives?

I'm not sure that's true for the last couple of decades.

Let me guess, he tried to link me to the alt-right again. I blocked him in part because he kept expecting me to defend everything "on the right" that he didn't agree with. That probably would have been tolerable except for his unwillingness to acknowledge that many of the so-called Democrat leadership said one thing and did another.

No matter.

I picked the period I did because there was a very definite attitude among prominent (but not all) Democrats that the law didn't matter if you were saying the "right" things. Mostly saying and not doing. I'd say the turning point was probably when Clinton admitted he had sex with Lewinsky. A case which never should have been made public, BTW. Given Clinton's history of sexual abuse, the Dems should have dropped him then and there. But instead, they closed ranks and defended him.

Democrat members of Congress were already doing some very silly things. This went into overdrive after the 2000 election and 9-11. Granted, Bush League wasn't the President we needed and did some remarkably stupid things. But there was this growing attitude among the Democrat leadership that "flyover country" should not only be ignored, but actively repressed whenever possible. Campaign finance reform, what was and was not "speech," gun control, political correctness, gender issues, global warming, the issues were really about making conservatives shut up.

Conservatives weren't paragons of virtue and liberty at that point. But very basic ideas about liberty were regularly reviled. And progressives would make "alliances" with high visibility conservatives only to betray them later. It was all passed off as the price of politics and the major press was nearly always on the progressive side.

So when I see progressives smashing windows, overturning cars, seizing control of streets in Portland, and clawing at the doors to the Supreme Court, I don't see someone seeking justice. I see someone out to destroy the rule of law because it doesn't give them the political result they want.

I don't think today's progressives would tolerate it if conservatives did it to them.

Policy wise, KYFHO is my guideline.

I marginally prefer conservatives because if conservatives don't like you, they will tell you up front. They don't usually try to sweet talk you only to knife you in the back when you are of no use anymore. Pagan progressives are a little better, but even then things can get iffy if I don't mouth the Approved Words on cue.

Politics is about controlling people.

What neither side is willing to accept is that they can't control the whole board. At some point they are going to have to live with their neighbors. Some of those are the "opposite" side. But a growing percentage are like you and me who think that both sides are wrong more than they are right.
NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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