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Don't trust public science - updated

Oh my.

It looks like Official Government Agencies are fudging temperature data to push a climate change agenda. Even this article admits that happened before.

When science is funded by government, that means the politicos and technocrats control the purse strings. And politics is always about control.


Without exception.

When scientists do it secretly and hide the process to please their political masters, it’s never about the public good.

Now I know, you want to tell me that sometimes public science is a Good Thing®. I’m here to tell you no, it’s not.

How many official food pyramids have we had? Before that we had the Four Food Groups.

Here’s one for you. The U.S. moon shot was a crash course to get a man and a flag on the moon as fast as possible. It would have been faster, but early on the decision was made to bring them back. So rather than build all the bits in between, the U.S. went with a speciality vehicle that would leave nothing usable.

But it would give us bragging rights.

Think about it. We needed a space station. We still need a space station. It’s much easier to launch a moon vehicle from orbit than from Earth. We needed to build a moon colony. Instead we are 45 years later and we don’t have a manned space program. If it had been private enterprise, there would have been at least one working industrial space station by now. Probably with a few hotel rooms.

Still not convinced? Consider nuclear power. Uranium and plutonium work great to generate power, but they are even better in weapons. Other radioactive fuels don’t deliver quite the power, but are much safer to handle and can’t be weaponized.

Yes, you can blame part of our high fossil fuel use on government’s insistence that a nuclear program means weapons.

Government is not your friend. Don’t trust public science. And if it’s “for your own good,” run away very fast.

Update: As Warren Meyer points out, the issue isn’t that the temperature has been adjusted. That’s old news. No, the problem is that the temperature has been adjusted and the Powers-That-Wanna-Be won’t tell how or why. We’re just supposed to assume they are all wise and doing it for the greater good.

That’s another of those things you should run from very fast.

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