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The Return of Real ID

Sometimes I really hate being right. I wrote this almost ten years ago.

My first problem is the assumption that the details of your life are somehow trumped by national security concerns. This database will track you, everything from the flights you took to the last time you gassed up your car to the fifty pounds of fertilizer you bought last week for your garden. It ALL goes into the database.

From Activist Post:

The TSA recently announced they will require a special driver's license to board domestic flights by 2016.

These 'Real IDs' will have already performed extensive background checks on everyone who receives them and will feature stars and other markings to indicate good behavior.

Understand, Real ID has been delayed time and time again because many people think it’s a REALLY BAD IDEA™.

And yes, it will be used to track and control people that the FedGovs don’t approve of.

Once the system exists, it can be perverted to any use. If you have done anything questionable, or even if a policeman or agent has a beef with you or something you have done, your records will be flagged and your freedom will be curtailed. It doesn't matter if it is a mistake or if you prove you are innocent. As anyone who has had tangles with the IRS can tell you, it's almost impossible to "clear your name." If you manage to get your record cleared one place, it can trigger "inquires" elsewhere. Just as mistakes with the DEA, INS, and FDA have triggered IRS investigations. Once in the "system," it assumes you are guilty without overwhelming and uncontested proof that you are innocent.

So what happens when the politicos and technocrats don’t play nice?

What will you do?

When the government is the biggest threat to your freedom, what will you do?

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