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The system is rigged

So now it looks like Trump and Clinton are the nominees for President.

There are some things to keep in mind.

The deals in smoke-filled backrooms have been a part of party politics since the beginning of the republic. It's one of the things that George Washington warned against.

The purpose of the party system is to control who gets to run for office and to keep the public out of the process.

Yes, normal citizens ARE NOT ALLOWED to select the nominees. They are presented with a choice.

I think the first step is to acknowledge that we're not talking about "the" system. That's the smoke & mirrors the elites have used for years.

That's the thinking that got us into this mess. Either/or, as if those are the only possible choices.

We're allowed one from Column A or one from Column B.

Eventually the only choices we're given are reprehensible. You end up voting for the "least bad" choice AND perpetuating a "system" that will never let the ordinary guy make a real choice.

The only answer is to break the system. Which is why Trump won. Not because he was good, but because he operated outside the system.

It's one reason why I advocate None of the Above. Otherwise it's a sucker's bet, a game of three card monty where you'll never find the red queen.

What's the point of choosing between column A or column B if you're in a bad restaurant?

As CGP Grey explains, "first past the post" voting inevitably gives two parties and elects someone that most people don't want. That's why there is terrible voter turnout. People look at the system and know that there is no way for them to make a change.

Add an ever-expanding administrative state, and things get much worse. The administration law system was designed from the very first to let Congress escape responsibility.

Government gets bigger. People get less free.

The system is rigged against YOU.

The only thing left is to break the system.

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