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Some things I have learned

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"Lessons" I don't agree with from a progressive list

There is a progressive Pagan group I belong to, I agree with some of what they are doing, but there have been all sorts of things that I have learned, things that I never knew and don't agree with.
  • The Republicans stole the 2000 and 2004 election (okay, that one was a given).

  • The Republicans are so subversive that they have seized political power and wield it ruthlessly despite anything that the poor Democrats can do.

  • The mainstream press leans right, because it is controlled by evil corporate interests bent on world domination.

  • Pointing out that the media bias in the number of massive negative news about George W. Bush's National Guard record compared to light hearted fluff stories about John Kerry's Viet Nam war record, that not only doesn't prove media bias but it is a direct attack on Mr. Kerry's patriotism and service record. Note that I specifically didn't mention anything about the merits of the charges and accusations brought against either Mr. Bush or Mr. Kerry, I merely pointed out the disparity of the news coverage.

  • There was no coverage of the Bush Administration supposedly manipulating intelligence in 2002 and 2003.

  • Listing names, dates, and many specific hyperlinks are only "generalities" if you do not agree with the conclusions.

  • "Impeachment hearings" staged without legal authority and without the participation of the majority party should be taken seriously.

  • The opinion of some UK officials in a confidential memo is ultimately proof that George W. Bush lied and should be treated as such.

  • Bill Clinton and George W. Bush said different things about Iraq.

  • Republican connections to Diebold are totally evil, while the confidential efforts of 8 liberal foundations to bankroll "campaign finance reform" is not.

  • The rule of law should apply to everyone, except the people you disagree with politically.

  • People should be allowed to express their own opinion, except when it disagrees with the group.

  • Republicans are always evil, no matter what. Progressives and modern liberals are always good, no matter what.

  • Libertarians are merely right wing Republicans in stealth mode.

  • Raising questions about the fair treatment of people you disagree with equals reciting Republican talking points.

  • Questioning any of this dogmatic orthodoxy just generates negativity.
I do find this sadly ironic, even if I can't publicly say exactly why. After all, I wouldn't want to add to the negativity by "attacking" the group.

I am reminded of something I read just after CBS finished their internal investigation of the fake memo scandal, I think it was James Taranto (sorry, can't remember the exact reference). It was something along the lines that at the end of his career, Dan Rather had become exactly what he had once attacked Richard Nixon for being.

If any of my fellow list members read this, remember that in your crusade, you risk becoming exactly that thing that you despise.

Posted: Fri - June 17, 2005 at 06:46 PM

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