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“Yep, a Trump Pet.”

I am not a Donald Trump supporter.

I do not trust him.

I do not support him.

In 2016, I voted None Of The Above.

Since then I've not made any secret of it. I've said that Trump's one virtue is that he is a disruptor. I've said he doesn't play by the "normal rules" and that most attacks against him will just make him stronger. I've pointed out that Trump has taken on some of the toughest press in the nation and continually come out on top.

This is not because I trust Trump or approve of what he is doing. It's because I looked at history.

There are valid criticisms against Trump. But he's made his career on bad press.

There's an exchange from the original Pirates of the Caribbean film.

You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of.

But you have heard of me.

Trump doesn't care what you think of him. He just wants the publicity, good or bad. He will capitalize on it either way. It's something new to American politics, but not to American entertainment.

I've also roundly criticized Democrats and progressives for dumping on Republicans while not taking responsibility for their own actions.

And because I didn't blame Trump, because I said that the mess in this nation is due to both Republicans AND Democrats, because I didn't spout the talking points, I'm a Trump Pet.

True story.

And it says a lot about the progressive critics of Trump.

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