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Tuesday roundup - election day

Is a Convention of the States to Amend the Constitution a Pipe Dream?

Two NY Dems find brand new way to crap on the Constitution in an effort to regulate guns

The battle over early voting, explained

Doug Casey on the Khashoggi Scandal

Is the US Dollar Slowly Eroding as the World's Global Reserve Currency?

9 Years Into Common Core, Test Scores Are Down, Indoctrination Up

Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Out

A Leftist Hatefest in Pittsburgh

A Racial Shakedown in Portland

Not Too Big to Fail: Why Facebook's Long Reign May Be Coming to an End

Maine Gov LePage To Move To Florida In Order To Escape Income And Property Taxes

Go Figure: WashPost Writer Compares Trump Voters to Cancer Cells, Explosives

Why the Refugee Caravan Is So Big—and What We Need to Do About It

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