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The FBI wants your iPhone

The FedGovs have gone all out in their attack on Apple.

The Department of Justice has threatened to seize the iOS source code and code signing keys.

Think about that for a minute.

We're at the point where the FBI and the DoJ don't believe the U.S. Constitution applies to their actions anymore.

Now before you get angry at the Democrats for doing this, it's not them. Or the Republicans either.
It's an ever expanding state that is seizing power.

This isn't the first time. TIA. Real ID. The Clipper Chip. Heck, if you believe the conspiracy folks there were backdoors built into mainframes as far back as the early 60s.

The government
rightfully fears computing power and internet access. The internet is the last best hope for freedom. I just hope it's not too late.

Our freedom is at stake.

Do you trust government to defend that freedom?

Do you trust government with unlimited access to your life?

Do you trust government when they do not trust you?

I told you that the FBI would not stop at one iPhone and the FedGovs would not stop at ten thousand smartphones. Government is a beast that thrives on control.

This is not going to stop. The biggest threat to your liberty is your government. And it doesn't matter one whit which politico gets to sit at the fancy desk come January.

There's only one answer that could save you and yours.

KYFHO. Now and forever.

I should know.
I wrote the FAQ on it.

Government is not your friend. This is about power pure and simple.

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