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One of my favorite YouTubers and a go-to for general information is CGP Grey. He has some great videos on voting. They’re all worth watching, but today I’m pointing out The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained. And yes, I’ll embed it here.

Now I really want to draw attention to his conclusion that winner-take-all voting results inevitably leading to a two-party system.

I don’t think he has the entire reason, I think inertia and incumbency have at least as much to do with a two party system. But there is no doubt that we end up with a system that’s stacked heavily towards two parties and more and more government intervening with everyday lives.

My own solution would start with None of the Above, but I think CGP Grey’s ideas are worth discussing too.

I also think we need to move away from a centralized election system. We have fifty states, that means we have fifty laboratories to find the ways that work best. Please notice I did not say the best way.

Remember the goal is FREEDOM. If the institutions don’t work towards that goal, we need to get rid of the institutions.

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