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The weak, the poor, the minority…

This last week I was involved in a couple of internet discussions on the “marriage equality” ruling.

It’s not really marriage equality as it still excludes poly marriage, but that is a talk for another time.

Anyway, on the progressive board, someone wrote that it was up to government to defend the weak, the poor, and the minority from the strong, the rich, and the majority.

Excuse me?

The initial post was about a Supreme Court ruling that just overturned government taking the side of the strong, the rich, and the majority.

We’re so conditioned to expect the government to “save us” that we overlook government oppressing us.

If it’s the right people.

For the right reasons.

And at the right time.

And with the right press coverage.

And with the support of the beautiful people.

I don’t know how many more times I can say it.

Government is not your friend.

Never less so than when it tells you that it is.

Case in point, the Imperious Leader lit up the White House with the colors of the gay flag after the fact.

Before the ruling, can you name a single time that Obama could be bothered to support gay rights?

Government is not your friend.

Politicos lie and betray you.

And most importantly, government never should have been allowed to license marriage in the first place.

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