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Oversized Wednesday roundup

Amazon Snags $2 Billion in Bribes and Tax Credits From New York and Virginia

“But Amazon's decision to put it's new headquarters in Arlington and Queens also shows it wasn't all about the money.”

Amazon Scammed America’s Hurting Cities

USC Education Student Filed a Title IX Complaint Because Another Student’s Answer Offended Her

“Rossier School of Education student also created a petition to require racial sensitivity training.”

The Sorry State of FOIA

Libertarian Critiques of Democracy Can't be Refuted by Showing that it's Better than Dictatorship

“Democracy is clearly superior to despotism. But libertarians are still right to worry about voter ignorance and advocate tighter constraints on government power.”

The FBI Says Hate Crimes Rose 17% in 2017, But That Doesn’t Mean Things Are Actually Getting Worse

Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist

You mean that there's something besides CO2 that influences climate and weather? Imagine that!

Motel 6 Agrees to $7.6 Million Settlement After Giving Guest Information to ICE

Police Fatally Shoot Black Security Guard Who Detained Shooting Suspect

All adults should be screened for unhealthy alcohol use, new guidelines say

This seems illegal.

Farm Bills: When 'Free Market' Types Are Revealed As Hypocrites

5 Reasons Why Sinema Won Arizona

Be Especially Careful When Media and Pundits "Teach" You the History of Nazi Germany

Because I Say So

“More and more people regard human identity as infinitely flexible—and woe to those who disagree.”

Schadenfreude-a-Palooza: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrives early for congressional duties, leads sit-in at office of… Nancy Pelosi

U.S. farmers scramble to contain trade-war damage, find new markets

1 million Americans live in RVs. Meet the 'modern nomads.'

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