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Maybe too windy

Wind Farms Cause Sleep Loss, Stress and Anxiety, Government Review Finds

The report, commissioned by the former Department for Energy and Climate Change last year, found a “clear link” between the amount of noise emitted by a wind farm and the irritation nearby residents experience.

If turbines exceed 40 decibels, there is an “increased risk” of sleep deprivation, thus in turn leading to stress and anxiety.

However, the sleeplessness was caused more by the frustration evoked from living near a loud wind turbine than the turbine itself, the report added.

It recommends that “excessive” noise should be curbed, citing the possibility of modifying turbine blades to stop disturbances.

However, it is not just noise that causes irritation. The report also says that flickering shadows caused by revolving turbine blades, as well as the general “appearance in the landscape” of wind farms can be equally irksome.

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