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Wednesday roundup

“I had hoped the Afghanistan war would end soon, but now it's inevitable that babies born during the war will be deploying to the war in 2019."

- Representative Thomas Massie‏. Related - Anti-Interventionists in Congress Respond to Trump's Afghanistan Strategy

One Statistics Professor Was Just Banned By Google: Here Is His Story

POOF - You're gone!!! Rule 2 from Keeping Your Libertarian Web Site On-Line - Keep a private backup of your web site.

IT staffers may have compromised sensitive data to foreign intelligence

I suspect that the Russian allegations started in part to distract from this disaster.

Big data finds the Medieval Warm Period – no denial here

Some of us knew this already. Climate changes. One question is how much did humans change it? Another is do the climate models hold up?

Americans Can Fight Bigotry Without Trump's Help

We shouldn't rely on a politico for our morality.

Choose Sides? You Bet. But Antifa and Fascism Are the Same Side.

Anyone who advocates or starts violence at a public protest lost whatever moral authority that they may have had.

Building America’s Trust Act would amp up privacy concerns at the border

An excuse for more mass surveillance.

Remember that Time Trump Said "Get Out of Afghanistan"? Neither Does He.

There are reasons I don't trust Donald Trump.

The IRS Has Been Using Bitcoin Tracking Software Since 2015

Why should we be surprised.

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