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NeoNotes — Political fringe and crazy ideas

Ah yes, the political fringe and their crazy, insane ideas.

Only problem is, there is more than one.

We could use the recent DOD and U.S. Air Force training materials that call conservative groups extremist. One of the danger signs is supposed to be focusing on individual rights.

How about those bankers in the 1990s who loudly said that housing loans to people who couldn't afford to pay wasn't a good idea?

We could talk about those folks in the 1960s who thought that skin color and religion shouldn't prevent equal rights.

How about those ladies back in the late 19th century who had this radical idea that women should be allowed to vote?

I know! We could talk about all those "racists" who dare criticize any policy that our dear Imperious Leader suggests. After all, he works so hard.

It's a dangerous game, labeling what you don't agree with as lunatic.

Lest we forget, we have Bush the Younger (or Bush League as I call him) to thank for botched nation "rebuilding" and this latest "too big to fail." Nixon was responsible for the first "too big to fail," you may remember. The conservative label has no virtue, it takes people.

The "fringe" has also given us the personal computer, the car, and some talented bands that started in a garage.

Crazy ideas aren't always bad… class="ghoster">

NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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