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You misunderstand what law is supposed to be

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Find things we share

We need to find things we share rather than using faith to define the morality of our society. We can agree to outlaw theft and vandalism, we can't agree on marriage. We can agree that people shouldn't drive under the influence, we can't agree to ban all intoxicants. We can agree that people should be free to make their own choices, we can't agree which choices should be eliminated.
     — NeoWayland, United We Stand - Dragging religion into politics

New Monona Mura

Business owner fights back against vandals using the same tool

But now, the racial slurs and symbols are gone from the building. What left behind is what Wadsworth now calls the new Monona Mural. It's a beautiful and bright piece of artwork that's permanently spray painted on the same walls that were once tagged by the vandals. It's a project both Wadsworth and her colleague decided to do after a lot of thought.

"I called my landlord (and said), do you mind if I paint the door? I started out with the door," Wadsworth said as she laughed.

Her landlord gave her permission, so she went to the store and bought $94 worth of spray paint, went back to her shop, grabbed her colleague and had some fun.
     — Hunter Saenz


NeoNotes — Subjective morality

For length reasons, this entry appears on it's own page.

“The law should be limited to punishing direct, measurable harm.”

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