Glenn Beck's rally for theocracy

It certainly wasn't about freedom and liberty

I don't follow Glenn Beck on the news. I don't like news shows on television because I can't skip ahead to the parts that are interesting. They'll run a blurb about an upcoming story that sounds good, and then the show will do five stories and a commercial break before doing the interesting story second to last before the show ends.

In particular, I can't stand the "talking heads" type show where they trade opinions back and forth without any new facts or developments.

The web has spoiled me. I pick and choose the bits that look worthy and blip over the rest.

So I had no real desire to watch Beck.

I did watch some this weekend. This is why I keep vigil.

Mixing politics with religion is a Really Bad Idea™. You can't do it without compromising both. Religion can't be allowed the coercive power of government, government can't be allowed the moral justification of religion.

It works best when people of faith are free to criticize government because of morality. It's another form of competition and it keeps both religion and politics honest. Religion doesn't guarantee wisdom or virtue. Faith and morality can only check politics if religion and the state stay separate.

Beware of politicos and pundits wrapping themselves in the flag and hiding behind their faith. That's when liberty and freedom are the distraction. The real goal is to establish a HIgher Authority beyond the "laws of men."

Beck used the language of liberty, but he wasn't talking about freedom. He wanted America to "choose God."

Submit. Do not question. Do not dissent. Obey.

It fails the parity test. Beck expects everyone to follow the Approved Version of Christianity, but all other belief systems are invalidated. As if the rights of non-Christians only existed at the sufferance and kind permission of the oh-so generous Christians. Permission that can be revoked if we non-Christians get too uppity. I'm expected to live under the rules of their faith, but they won't live under mine.

Well, I've news for them. It's not their table. Christians aren't solely responsible for the blessings of liberty. The evidence shows that religious freedom came despite the practices of Christianity, not because of it.

And I'll put my Pagan feet in the mashed potatoes if I want.

If you think I am picking on the "poor little Christians," you should see what I do to the Pagans who do the same thing.

Somehow, the folks who want to make the world safe for their particular ethic forget that a state-protected faith is every bit a slave chain as their worst nightmares. Faith should NEVER be imposed on adults.

Look at American history. We're at our best when our religious leaders demand liberty for all. But when ministers and priests try to set THEIR faith over all others, we're at our worst. If you have to use force to get me to accept your ideas, it doesn't say much for your arguments or your reasons.

"Because God said so" is a lousy reason to seize power. Power over never works as well as power with. Ask me what I believe and I'll tell you. Demand that I bow before you and I will say KYFHO.

Don't try to do it for "my own good." If you have a good idea, convince me. Inspire, don't require. Faith is a personal matter. Religion backed by force is just tyranny.

And by all the gods, don't try to hide your theocratic power grab in liberty.

— NeoWayland

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