North Pole melting? Or is it?

More climate propaganda

Please take a close look at this paragraph.

The amount of summer ice at the North Pole has steadily declined since 1979, according to satellite images. Computer models predict that this trend will continue, leaving the Arctic completely ice-free during the summers as early as 2030.

Hmm, what made 1979 the magic cutoff date? We did have some weather satellites in orbit before then. How do we compare to 1976?

For that matter, how do we compare to 1950?


Of course, we didn't have weather satellites in 1950. Nor in say, 1908. Or in 1879. Get the picture?

Pun intended.

Someone is attempting to draw a long term forecast for Arctic sea ice based on less than fifty years of data.

That's fifty years. The last glacial advance ended approximately ten thousand years ago. Strictly speaking, we've had "global warming" ever since. Fifty years is one-half of one percent of ten thousand years.

Don't you think the measurement should be a little longer before we start drawing conclusions?

How does that fifty years compare to the last five hundred?

But the real joke is in the very next paragraph. Emphasis added.

In 2007, though, the ice surprised everyone by contracting far more rapidly than the models predicted. A particularly warm summer left only 4.28 million square kilometres by September - a record 23% below the previous minimum.

In other words, the models used to predict this doom and gloom are wrong. There are factors at work that the models do not consider.

Not to mention that no one knows how much Arctic sea ice fluctuates from year to year.

So why did this deserve a news story?

— NeoWayland

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