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I rant about the free market

I suppose from some of my recent posts it looks like I support corporations without question. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I believe in the free market.

I believe in the free exchange of goods, services, and money.

I do not believe in corporate welfare or any special perks and privileges granted by government. No company should have a legal advantage.

That also means no government licensing. Doctors, hair dressers, limo drivers, it doesn't matter. Government should not be in the business of defining what is and is not necessary for professional standards. If there have to be professional standards, let the market decide and enforce them. I promise you that the insurance companies would be much more thorough than any government agency could hope to be.

And then we get to unions, While they may have been useful in the past, today the reason many companies can't compete is because of union obligations. If GM goes under, it's going to be in large part to the UAW. Safeway can't compete with WalMart mainly because Safeway is a union shop and WalMart is not. If you want to know why a large part of American business is outsourcing overseas, it's because certain unions messed in their own nests.

On the other hand, when government targets an industry, it's so they can hand out "goodies" that existed before the government attacked. Of course the goodies are smaller because the government has to take it's cut.

Is it any wonder that companies spend so much on lobbying and getting " their" candidates elected?

In America today, we don't have a free market. We have a mixture of regulation and opportunistic capitalists who are convinced that the only way to get ahead is to influence government. As it is, the laws and regulations are structured so that almost any company could be found guilty of something if someone just looked hard enough.

The corruption is not because of the free market, but because government couldn't let the market be free.

UPDATE - Added "is" to the last sentence.

— NeoWayland

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