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FedGovs go after the internet

At the Washington Times, Tammy Bruce puts up the best piece I’ve seen on the FedGov power grab for the internet.

You should really read it for yourself. but there are two points I really want to stress.

The left’s relevance relies on controlling the public discussion.


Reinforcing the suspicion that every American should have about this unprecedented action is the fact that Mr. Wheeler is keeping the 332-page document outlining his plan secret from the American public. He released a four-page summary with major points, but refuses to release the full document to the public.

If they want to control the discussion and have a secret plan that they don’t want to tell you about, it’s a pretty safe bet we’re into movie villain territory. If there’s a flashy headquarters hidden somewhere, we’re into movie supervillian territory.

Why SHOULD the internet be controlled? What harm has it done except to those who want to keep people ignorant?

Remember the internet is the last, best hope for freedom.

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