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Why the site changes?

If you've been reading this site, you've noticed that things have changed.

I read a lot. There's no real way to quantify it. Before the days of the internet, I usually read three or four newspapers per day. Minus the ads, sports, lifestyle, and the silly financial analysis of course. In the course of a week, I'd read all three major newsweeklies, and every month I'd polish off The Nation, The Utne Reader, and The Economist when I could get it. Oh, also Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Macworld. I'd usually read two or three novels a week and one good non-fiction work every week and a half or so. So when I say I read a lot, I mean I read a lot. It's weak English but it is extremely true.

Obviously things have changed with the world wide web, but I still read a lot.

There's a difference between reading and reacting. And there is a difference between reading and writing about what you read. For me at least, I have to get my passion in gear.

After 9-11, the media started ratcheting up. They wanted people to react and NOT think. This increased again after Obama the Imperious Leader was elected. And it went right into overdrive once Trump was elected. Every news story is a CRISIS that YOU MUST REACT TO RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MOMENT IF YOU VALUE YOUR WAY OF LIFE!!!

I just can't spare the passion any more.

The goal is liberty.

When I restarted this blog, I said I wanted to focus on liberty and not the news stories. That's still true but I can't ignore the news either. I can't do the Pagan Vigil, my version of Isaiah's job unless I pointed out some of the bumps in the road. This blog will run Monday through Friday. For a while at least, on Mondays I'll publish my crux files. Wednesdays I will publish a weekly original article. Thursdays I'll publish the American classics. I'll put up news clippings as I run across them. I'll put up NeoNotes entries as I have them ready. Expect a headline roundup every weekday. And quotes. Many, many quotes.

I like quotes and I'm consolidating all my quote lists down to two places, one category on this site and one category on Technopagan Yearnings.

Even though this site is called Pagan Vigil and I am pagan, don't expect pagan specific news here. Or on TPY either. I do maintain a pagan news aggregator called the Pagan Vigil Reader.

Now I need to go finish my weekly article.

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