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That Judeo-Christian thing

Let’s be clear.

I’m not criticizing Christianity. I am not criticizing all Christians.

I do criticize the Christians who constantly take refuge in that tired phrase “Judeo-Christian heritage.”

I’ve said before that in a nation where one house of the national legislature is the Senate, it’s obvious that there are other sources of law, honor, and civilization.

That phrase “Judeo-Christian heritage” supposedly signifies something almost holy, something beyond question, something beyond mere man’s law.

In other words, it’s another “sit down and shut the fuck up!

The people who use the phrase have appointed themselves cultural gatekeepers and arbiters. They believe that they are the ones who decide what does and does not fit in our society. And since it’s a matter of faith and not law, it can’t be challenged on legal or moral grounds.

After all, who are you to deny the Judeo-Christian heritage? You’re just human, after all. You don’t have the inspired wisdom of the Almighty on your side.

If you haven’t recognized it yet, this is EXACTLY the tactics that the climate change crowd uses, only with a different holy.

Where do you think the climate change crowd learned it?

The unstated assumptions do just as much damage.

What that? You don’t think that the phrase “Judeo-Christian heritage” does damage?

Let’s take a simple question. Is a Jew bound by Christian rules?

Let’s make it more simple. Is a Protestant bound by Catholic rules?

What about a Mormon? What about a Hindu? What about an atheist?

What about a pagan?

Let’s take another question? Does a non-Christian have honor? Can they be trusted to keep their word? Can they be trusted to do the right thing?

And that brings in “what is the right thing?” Can we agree on the right thing without resorting to religion to control another?

Can we agree?

Now let’s go back to those unstated assumptions. Here’s the original version of the Pledge of Allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

There’s two additions, but only one is important to our discussion here.

That addition of “under God.”

With two words, the Pledge moves from being inclusive to exclusive. It’s no longer about Americans choosing liberty and justice. It’s about a nation “under God” that only has liberty because of a Divine blessing.

And that implies that goodness only comes from that Divine blessing and the “Judeo-Christian heritage.”

And if you are not Christian, you’re only allowed here by the sufferance of those generous Christians.

So sit down and shut the fuck up!

Here’s a secret. America is beyond the “Judeo-Christian heritage.” Claiming “Judeo-Christian heritage” diminishes America.

We can’t afford one exclusive set of moral guardians. We need arguments. We need competition. We need it WITHOUT the force of law. We need it WITHOUT Winner Take All.

Competition keeps us honest.

United We Stand. So stand up and speak your piece.

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