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Rainbow arms

So after the Orlando rampage, certain politicos want gun control. Or at least carefully planned restrictions.

Let's look at that.

Nothing proposed so far would have prevented the tragedy.

They say the goal is safer Americans.

But those charged with enforcing the law would keep their guns. Possibly they would have been given more because of the "crisis."

Those charged with guarding the "elites" would keep their guns. Maybe those guns would have gotten bigger and more deadly.

Those who break the law would not let legal restrictions prevent them from obtaining guns.

The only people who would be affected would be law abiding Americans.

Think about that.


Maybe, just maybe, it's not about making Americans safer.

Maybe, just maybe, it's about
controlling those law abiding Americans.

And if they complain, so what? What are those nice people going to do?

could they do?

With a disarmed public, all it would take would be a few "declarations of emergency," and POOF!!! No voting for the duration of the crisis.

If you've not read it, you really should read
Clayton Cramer's The Racist Roots of Gun Control. Gun control (or victim disarmament) has always been about controlling those uppity folks who won't do what the government tells them to do. It goes back further than the American Revolution. It showed up again in the Whiskey Rebellion. It shows up again and again. When government can't convince people, it sends in the troops. Or armed Special Agents.

Yep, there's a pattern there. Learn to watch for it.

This time though, there's a difference. That difference may backfire on the Democrats big time.

For maybe the first time, LGBT folks realized that the Democrat leaders put
Islamists above them in the victim hierarchy. So some very practical people took steps.

Gun and ammunition sales are way up. Groups like the Pink Pistols are gaining new members by the minute. People are not willing to sit around and be saved, they want to save themselves.

They don't want to be victims.

That's a very big crack in the Democrat base. It will get bigger the more Clinton harps on gun control.

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