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NeoNotes — ban it

Simple question.

Does government have the authority to prevent you from having sex?

So we've "never had the bedroom police" but you want to outlaw homosexuality.

Where will you stop on pornography? The swimsuit edition? Cheerleader uniforms? Mr. McCain's site?

I completely agree with you that if you don't approve, you shouldn't be required to celebrate it. And frankly, anyone who messes with underage kids deserves to lose body parts.

But you can't ban it because you dislike it. You can't outlaw it because if offends you. You can't lock it away and hope no one finds the key.

"I don't see where she's saying to ban homosexuality."

First sentence of the post where I replied on this thread. Last sentence of her answer to you just now. Last sentence of the first paragraph of her answer to me just now.

Where do you draw the line at "public sexual acting out?" Take it to it's logical conclusion, and you've just banned every rom-com, every soap opera, and most of reality TV. There is a lot of art that would have to be locked away, including some pieces that are considered classics.

If you object to nudity, well, I won't support you there.

If you are referring to bakers, florists, and photographers being required to provide services even over their religious objections, I completely agree that is wrong.

Because they aren't nonsense examples.

That took less than a minute to find.

I do the nekkid pagan guy thing fairly often. I am a naturist in both senses of the word. And yes, I have a privacy fence and I don't go out front without trousers. I like to keep peace with the neighbors.

I'll tell you that nudity is not sex. Sex is not love. And nudity is not love. We do ourselves no favors by pretending that the three are the same thing. Or worse, that one is a "perversion" of the others.

It's a problem because apparently your agreement means that the things you don't like must be hidden out of sight.

I mentioned my naturism to show that I understand and I am willing to keep peace with my neighbors for pretty much the reasons you described.

It doesn't change the last paragraph though.


NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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