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Revived 15Jul2018

These older blog entries have been reformatted and entered into the current directories. Redirect pages have been placed in the old locations.

Underground computer gaming and freedom

Latest efforts of a desperate government

The threat of web censorship

Censorship failing, bit by bit

Blogging anonymously


No roundup for the next few days

Although I do not celebrate Christmas, this will be the last headline roundup until Tuesday. It's almost impossible to find interesting news stories this close to the holiday.

Revived 06Dec2017


Revived 29Nov2017

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I'm spending time cleaning up and standardizing the code and format of older blog entries.

I'm also transferring entries from the old file structure to the current one and reformatting those pages. Then I'm putting in redirect pages at the old addresses.

I plan on resuming regular blogging around the first of the year. But the occasional new post will probably slip through.


Liberty demands

These blog entries have been reformatted and entered into the current directories.


Revived 26Nov2017

Taking on the ethanol mythos


What's with all the quotes?

Some of you may have noticed that I tried combining all my self-quotes on one page. It didn't work all that well. I already had a tag called maxims that I was using for the new self-quotes, so I just transferred all the ones from the page to the blog.

One. At. A. Time.

The good news is that it's done and the new quote templates work fine. You can't see it unless I use it, but the quote templates already have A HREF already there so I can attribute the quote.

Anyway, just like Technopagan Yearnings, I'm updating the code. I'm using classes with my copy-paste templates instead of individual copy-paste templates. That's so I can change the class definition in one spot and it will change every use site wide. I won't have to change the individual blog entries. Or the individual elements in the sidebar. Or any of the special pages.

When I get it done, which is going to take a while. The new stuff will have the cleaner code, the stuff that catches my attention and the oldest entries will get the code as I plod through it.

She died

My beloved companion of eight years has died.


Returning the favor

Wombat at The Other McCain has been nice enough to link my articles in two of the In The Headlines features. I have linked to The Other McCain before and I am a regular commenter there.

Since turnabout is fair play and I appreciate the traffic, I decided that site needs a permanent link. So I've put my daily news reads in the sidebar.

No, these aren't my daily reads, just the regular news ones.


I don't usually submit my articles to reddit, but I did for This last week in free speech. I cross-posted the article on my politics blog Pagan Vigil and my pagan slice of life blog Technopagan Yearnings.

The libertarian link got hardly any views and quickly moved from the front page to the much deeper.

The pagan link got a couple of hundred views in two days and sparked an interesting conversation.

I was surprised at the insistence on historical and political context for violence. It's also interesting that the article kept moving up and down.

I'm disappointed to see how many people believe that "hate speech isn't free speech" and that certain people don't deserve free speech rights.


Why the site changes?

This blog will run Monday through Friday. For a while at least, on Mondays I'll publish my crux files. Wednesdays I will publish a weekly original article. Thursdays I'll publish the American classics. I'll put up news clippings as I run across them. I'll put up NeoNotes entries as I have them ready. Expect a headline roundup every weekday. And quotes. Many, many quotes.


Freedom demands

Because freedom demands more than just black and white.
     — NeoWayland


Due to unforseen circumstances, I'm taking a break from blogging until June 5, 2017.

the Pagan Vigil Reader - updated

“Sorry America, we're not leaving!”



Sometimes the oddest things can have the strangest consequences.



Technically this isn't news about this site.

I comment quite a bit on other sites. This picture was my favorite avatar for quite a while. It uses a theta symbol and
symbolized one of my favorite concepts. But it was time for a change and I had something else in mind.

A while back I created a category called
Thinking By Blogging at Technopagan Yearnings and had used the NW graphic you see. But in light of this piece By Your Own Name, I thought it would be hypocritical to use a personal sigil for that category. I was pushing it with the web address. So I switched to a labyrinth. I meant to use ithe NW sigil as a commenting avatar, but it needed more whitespace to work for Disqus. I just hadn't made the time.

Until now. And I'm getting a couple of nice responses. So instead of going into a side bar explaining on the sites that had noticed, I thought I would waste my own web bandwitdh by explaining.

Aren't you just thrilled?


New quotes - updated

So what is it with all these new Quotes & Thinkums entries?

Some of the comments I make on other boards are worth saving. So I'm putting them here.

Addendum: I've given those entries their own catagory, NeoNotes.

That's it.

Another place I talk Christianity

I wouldn’t want people to think I was hiding something.


Core detail



Vandalism messes with my vigil

Cut one fiberoptic line and two-thirds of Arizona is isolated.


Looking right

Behold the glorious and official site logo.


Old posts and comments

Quick answer to an interesting question


Memorial or political rally?

This is a page from the original version of Pagan Vigil. There are some formatting differences. Originally published at

Memorial or political rally?

No shame
This was the thing that put me off blogging for more than two years.

I'm angry right now.

No, strike that. I'm pissed.

There is absolutely NO REASON to turn a memorial into pep rally.

Every single time I've commented on a mass killing, I've been flamed. So this time, I thought I would stay out of it.

And then I see the President turn a tragedy into a bloody political event. Complete with slogan. T-shirts. Bumper stickers!

This goes beyond double standards.

So what good does it do to follow the rules of propriety if the "other guys" break every single one?

How is this different from what Bush 43 did? Or for that matter, what that diseased Westboro Baptist Church keeps trying to do?

They've got no shame. And they try to use YOUR SHAME as a weapon against you.

Fuck them.

They have not the right or the power. I'm not going to give it to them anymore. No matter what I say, they'll turn it political. They will demand that I give up my thoughts for the ones they dictate. They try to turn my acts of respect into silent acquiescement to THEIR agenda.

Just like they do now.

I'll say it loud and clear.

Obama has no class. He turned something that should have healed into politics. T-shirts? By all the gods, the man's a coward and an opportunist.

Death is too important for politics.

Posted: Thu - January 13, 2011 at 01:09 PM

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