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from crux № 18 — choice and consequence

If people can make their own mistakes and have to deal with the consequences, most find a way that works.

Our problem is that we excuse people from the consequences.

Freedom and responsibility usually works.

And why can't she make her own choices as long as she accepts the consequences?

It is her life after all.

You think you have a better way? Fine. If she doesn't accept it, what will you do? Write a strongly worded letter to her parents? Demand that she be thrown in one of those reparative wilderness camps? Hold her at gunpoint for reprogramming?

If she isn't allowed to make the choice, is it really her choice?

Even if it's "for her own good?"

This girl wrote some things on a blog. Is she calling for the subjection of all things male? No. Has she committed a crime? No. Has she threatened someone? No.

In your eyes, all she has done is sin by thought. And by the tenants of YOUR faith, you don't get to judge her for that. You can only forgive.

Can you tell me that you would be a better person if someone else had made your choices for you?

I've read her blog too. I don't think she's a feminist. I think she's using the language and ideas she's been taught to examine the world. I think she's found that she doesn't have THE answers.

I also think she's faced some venomous criticism here and dealt with it much better than I would have at 14. Or 18. Or 25 for that matter. That says much about her character.

I have my own issues with certain third-wave feminists. I absolutely agree with "Just don't tell me you aren't responsible for your own misery."

I should have been more clear. One trap that happens at RSM's place fairly often is lumping all first, second, and third wave feminists into one group, and then pointing out some of the most radical versions of the third wave as something that must be fought.

You know, for the kids. *grins*

That's not my fight, and yes, some of those ladies deserve what RSM dishes out.

From what I've seen though, that's not you. You deserve a chance to discover who you are.

You're welcome. And since it's a bit creepy to have a forty-mumble year old guy hanging out reading your blog, I think I'll take my leave. But I want to leave you with a quote (and yes, I'm vain enough that it is one of mine):

"Go tell three really dirty jokes. Share a piece of fruit with someone you can't stand. Cuddle with someone you care deeply about. Leave the place a little nicer than when you found it. And greet the sun when it wakes up.

"No, that isn't all that there is to be a Pagan, it's just a taste of how to be a better human."

You're right, I don't know you.

But sometimes I do the reluctant advocate thing. You looked like you could use a hand when RSM did the second post this morning. I didn't know you were still reading that site.

They are good people, mostly. They just have certain blind spots.

Humanity doesn't have a sinful nature.

That doesn't mean we can't screw up.

It does mean both the choice and the responsibility is ours.

Nor do I think a church should judge the worth of a person. You do realize this is terribly ironic considering who you profess to follow, don't you?


Number 1 - I'm not a conservative.

Number 2 - I don't think the USA should support Israel. Frankly, we complicate things when we try to intervene. Case in point, Israel would have dealt with this decades ago if the US hadn't kept calling for "restraint," but only for the Israelis.

Number 3 - Any culture that supports death over life will soon run out of it's own lives and will start seizing the lives of other people.

Thinking about it just now, that raises a fascinating question.

Which is worth more, a moral code handed to you or one earned through personal experience?

I'll let you in on a secret.

I try to treat people online as they have treated me. I'm nice until someone shows they don't deserve it.

For life in general, I have three rules.

THE GOLDEN RULE - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

THE SILVER RULE - Do for yourself at least as much as you do for others.

THE IRON RULE - Don't do for others what they can do for themselves.

I started keeping my crux files because I noticed I kept getting into the same discussions in comment threads on other people’s web sites. After a while it just made sense for me to organize my thoughts by topic. These are snippets. It’s not in any particular order, it’s just discussions I have again and again.
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