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Core detail

I’ve been asked why I do not go into as much detail for some of the articles like I used to do.

In some cases it’s because I’ve pretty much said what was needed. Take climate change (please!). It pretty much boils down to a “consensus” over a spreadsheet that hasn’t been dependable in two decades. Finally certain authorities decide to goose the figures to make the spreadsheet work better.

This is old news. I’ve been writing and talking about it for years. This isn’t the first or seventh time the numbers have been massaged. The point is I wrote about it several times. I’ve yet to see any of the climate change crowd talk about any of the points I made. Or indeed offer any proof for the theory. Practically every story I see about climate change is the same one, just with a slightly different emphasis. They still want money, they still want power, and they don’t want you looking too closely at what they are doing.

And by the way, you’re not allowed to dissent.

See, I’ve written the articles about certain topics again and again. Sometimes I think I should set up a master index. Then I can just say “№ 4391” and save myself a lot of typing.

There is another reason. For the past five years and some odd months I’ve really tried to take Zed Shaw’s essay The Master, The Expert, The Programmer to heart. Simply put, the expert wows you with complications and the master can adapt and do more with less. It may not be flashy, but it can do more.

Even before Twitter, our culture was moving that way. They used to say that news was all about the soundbite. Now it’s all about the headline. If I can give you the core idea in one burst rather than seventeen paragraphs, a funny graphic, and a sound effect, then I’ve done my job.

So much of my blogging is in soundbites these days.

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