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Do #CalExit Supporters Realize Many Californians Have Been Trying to Escape Them?

Hilariously, this argument ignores that people who live in the red part of California have the exact same complaints about state government. And, in fact, there have been secession movements within California by people who are trying like hell to extricate themselves from a one-party state government they feel doesn't represent them. They're not looking to secede from the union. They're looking to secede from California.

There's also some absurd ignorance about the economics of the state. The proponents contend that the reason California has so much debt and such high taxes is because the federal government takes all its revenue, ignoring that the state's actual economic crisis is because of the unfunded pensions and health costs of state and municipal government and school workers. In separate categories it's calling for increased health care and education spending based on all the money it's going to save by not sending it to Washington, D.C.


There's really no chance that California as a whole would secede from the union. Breaking up the state into more manageable sections that better represent the citizens? That could be doable, but this statewide secession effort makes it clear they also want control over the state's natural resources, which coincidentally tend to be buried and found in the same areas where people resent not just federal government control, but the state as well.

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