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Friday roundup

Texas City Featured In Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Lost Millions In Its Green Energy Gamble

Local Government Says Merry Christmas by Using Eminent Domain to Take Small Business Owner’s Building

Cops and schools had no duty to shield students in Parkland shooting, says judge who tossed lawsuit

So the obvious question is why have police at public schools?

Lessons of the Spanish Civil War: Ideological and Practical Mistakes of Anarchists

“The "May Days" in 1937 Catalonia, doomed the republican cause, largely because so-called "anarchists" completely disregarded the principles of individual liberty and private property rights, as they completely upended the region's economic order.”

Why Everything That Needs to Be Fixed Remains Permanently Broken

Is UK Heading for a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit?

Will Senate Democrats shut the government to prevent Trump from getting his wall?

“It’s not about the $5 billion for border security in the bill the House passed tonight. It’s about Democrats wanting to break Trump.”

PewDiePie’s Battle for the Soul of the Internet

‘On to the Senate’ — Donald Trump Celebrates House Victory for Border Security Funding Bill

Acting AG Matthew Whitaker will not recuse from Russia probe, after ethics meetings

The Deep State’s Desperate Attempt To Hide Barack Obama’s Secret Emails At All Cost…

Sen. Mike Lee sinks a big public lands package because Congress won’t stop presidents from creating national monuments in Utah

ICE arrested more than 6,500 illegals with homicide/sex offenses in fiscal 2018

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