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Tuesday roundup

Musician Wins Return of $91,800 He Supposedly Gave Wyoming Cops

Good news.

Legislators Dust Off Medieval Methods to Address the Opioid Crisis

Mandatory minimum sentences don't work

Nunes blows up, threatens contempt after FBI stonewalls House on Russia investigator demoted for anti-Trump bias

Just so there is no misunderstanding, Congress oversees the DoJ and the FBI. If Congress asks questions, the DoJ and FBI are required by law to answer truthfully.

Former President Barack Obama is still traveling the globe and meeting with foreign leaders

Watch this closely. It's looking like Obama has violated the Logan Act at least three times so far.

EU states resist move on digital tax for tech giants: drafts

This isn't about tax, it's about extortion.

When Racism is Disguised as Anti-Racism

People are people

Why Psychiatrists Should Not Be Involved in Presidential Politics

Why some want to forget the Goldwater Rule and why that is a really bad idea

Trump turned two vast Utah national monuments into five smaller ones. Here's a look at the new sites — and key lands that got left out.

Interesting take
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