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Friday roundup

The Simple Reason Criminals Don't Make Restitution

“Justice is served when people who have had their rights violated receive restitution as compensation for the harm they suffered.”

Zoning Laws, the Housing Market and the Ripple Effect

A kinda-sorta good idea turns tyrannical

Pew: Trump media three times more negative than for Obama, just 5 percent positive

It's hard to believe that only five percent of the news about Trump is positive.

'Sensitivity Readers' Are the New Thought Police, And They Threaten More Than Novelists

Not Official™, but still censors

GMO Opponents Are Immoral, Argues Purdue University President Mitch Daniels

Humans have been modifying food crops for thousands of years. This crusade targets the poor.

Rose Marie Dies; Star of TV’s ‘Dick Van Dyke,’ Broadway & Films Was 94

One classy lady who made her own way in an era when women weren't supposed to do that

Quiet jockeying for McCain seat angers Republicans

John McCain arguably made things worse for Americans, and some of us from Arizona have been fighting against him for decades

Newt Gingrich: Get ready for the great political surprise of 2018

Trump breaks "established politics," the regular methods to take down a politico won't work with him.

How to Determine If You Should Talk About Politics in Public

Scott Adams has been right about so much

Vanity Fair Editors Attacked Over Satirical Video: ‘Six New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton’

“When even a liberal magazine like Vanity Fair starts to attack Hillary Clinton, you know it’s bad!”

Around the Town: Great Pinecone is poised and ready to drop

A Flagstaff, AZ tradition I bet you never heard of.

Professors claim farmers’ markets cultivate racism: ‘Habits of white people are normalized’


REPORT: Obama’s DOJ Suffered From ‘Systemic’ Sexual Misconduct

At this point, is anyone surprised?

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