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Friday roundup

Enviros Push Meat Tax

Sin taxes are intended to restrict objectionable behavior. They are a rotten idea. So why should eating meat be considered a sin?

Unsealed FISA Court Ruling Shows 85% of Obama’s FBI and DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal and Illegally Provided to Government Outsiders

Again, what did President Obama and when did he know it?

Clinton–Obama Emails: The Key to Understanding Why Hillary Wasn’t Indicted

“More significantly, for Clinton’s defense, they would show that Obama was complicit in Clinton’s conduct yet faced no criminal charges.”

Wealthy exodus to escape new tax rules worries California Democrats

Taxes are too high.

Twitter Says Employees Were Openly Speaking of Censorship ‘in a Personal Capacity,’ Not for Company

That's doublespeak for you

Trump ‘Looking Forward’ To Interview With Mueller

You can't take down Trump with anything less than the absolute truth

DOJ recovers missing text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Strzok and Page

Things don't look good for the FBI

Puerto Rico warns its population and economy will plunge

Many problems predated the hurricane.

Who are you calling a 'second-wave feminist'?

Ignore history at your own peril

White House jumps back into Dreamer battle with citizenship offer

Trump is playing the Democrats again

“Blockchain” Stocks Collapse by 40% to 90%

Bubbles are still bubbles

EPA Chief Set to Bar Government-Funded Experts From Agency’s Science Panels

Taking away the incentives

Baltimore Cops on Trial for a Criminal Conspiracy That Looks a Lot Like Everyday Policing

“Armed robbery, extortion...and keeping the money for themselves.”

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