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Wednesday roundup

Rand Paul's Plan to Eliminate Government Shutdowns: Automatic 1 Percent Budget Cuts

It's a process solution and I am not thrilled with it, but it is an original idea that could make meaningful change

Facebook hired a full-time pollster to monitor Zuckerberg’s approval ratings

Either there's a few hidden agendas or Mark Zuckerberg has a huge ego. Or both.

Young People Think They Want Socialism. But They Don’t.

Corrupt and failed institutions are the problem

Berlin Wall now gone for as long as it stood

Marking the end of the Cold War

Emergence in Stock Markets

A great explanation

Damning Audit Says Pentagon Cannot Account for $800 Million

Why isn't this being questioned?

Governments Hate Bitcoin and Cash for the Same Reason: They Protect People’s Privacy.

Privacy has become a cornerstone of freedom

'Keep Your Tyranny Off Our Titties,' Say New Orleans Strippers

Abusive policing in New Orleans

Violence Erupts as Conservative Speaks at Colorado State University

It's funny how free speech has become who is allowed to speak

FLASHBACK: Chris Cillizza Called Trump ‘Bonkers’ For Saying Clinton And FBI Were Behind Dossier

Yep, it couldn't possibly be true. Except it was.

MSNBC Commentator: ‘People Need To Start Taking To The Streets. This Is A Dictator.’

Donald Trump is reducing the size of government. How is that a dictator?

Tether: How a Cryptocurrency You’ve Never Heard of Could Tank the Price of Bitcoin

Another scam

Retired general isn’t Democrat enough to run

The headline says it all

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