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Monday roundup

Is America having second thoughts about free speech?

It's "free speech for me, not for thee" all over again. It's the one issue that keeps cropping up

Sweden Appoints Pakistani-Born Muslim Head of Swedish Heritage Board

Not only weird, but from the article an outright attack on Swedish culture

The House That Spied on Me

When your data becomes a commodity

Cops Charged for Raping Teen in Van May Walk Free Because Cop/Suspect Sex is LEGAL—In 35 States

Let's see, give someone a gun, the power to arrest, and DON'T punish them for rape. What could go wrong?

The Death of Newsweek

Another institution dies an ignoble death

The IRS Takes Its Tax Evasion Hunt to the Blockchain

You are going to be guilty, as soon as they figure out how to charge you

The woke police have ruined entertainment

Taking the passion and conflict out of entertainment

Grid Girls and Puritans

Funny how no one asked the grid girls what they think

The Founders’ Grandson, Part II

Clarence Thomas fights abuse of the commerce clause, among other things

Are Schools Seeking to Raise Social Justice Warriors?

Parent's aren't being consulted, it's experts doing it for "the common good"

Keith Ellison, Louis Farrakhan and Iran

Why does the press shield progressives an liberals from "guilt by association?"

America is even luckier than I thought

“What few people are willing to acknowledge is that, if Trump were a lot more ambitious and as dangerous as people say, he would have a handy excuse to start rounding people up and throwing them in jail by the hundred, if not thousand.”

Shoved Aside Again, DACA Activists Keep Fighting

“To undocumented youth activists, public gestures by Democrats ring hollow.”

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