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Supersized Wednesday roundup

Security Works at Disney — But Can't Work at a Public School?

The Disney parks handle more people in more diverse locations daily than anyone else on the planet

Healthcare prices in the US only began rising faster than inflation in 1965, the exact year that the US federal government created the single payer Medicare and Medicaid healthcare systems

It's not the only reason, but it's the main reason

City Orders Businesses to Join Its Police Surveillance System

“Saginaw demands that establishments install video cameras and turn over footage.”

Abolish ICE Now

“It's an evil agency that terrorizes hard-working and peaceful people.” See also Now ICE and Border Patrol Want to Spy On You Too

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thinks Some College Title IX Trials Are Unfair to the Accused

If Ginsburg thinks it has gone too far, then it's certainly time to rethink it

Syrian War for Dummies – Three Versions

Masterfully done

CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally

Russia's goal was discord, not influencing the election. See also Russian Troll Factory Alum Selling Social Media Mobs for $299 a Month

Amid Election Security Worries, Suddenly Paper Ballots Are Making A Comeback

I still think a combination would be better. Something electronically transmitted, but verified by paper ballots at the polling place with a paper tape record sent to the state

Delingpole: NOAA Caught Adjusting Big Freeze out of Existence

When history doesn't fit the narrative

Parents Lose Custody of Daughter for Opposing Transgender Medical Treatments

No ethical doctor would do this. The girl hasn't even finished puberty.

How A Plea Reversal From Michael Flynn Could Uncover More Federal Corruption

What? The Mueller investigation might be a political hit job?

100 Chicago Professors "Propose To Exclude Viewpoints They Find Objectionable"

All other things being equal, the side that can't stand dissent is usually wrong

A new paper about hurricanes shatters the narrative

“A new paper provides new information about hurricanes, one of the top natural disaster threats. It shatters the media’s narrative and illustrates how science works in the real world.”

U.S. trading partners brace for 232 action

As Wendy McElroy notes, this isn't making the news

'Gun Politics Is Where the Easy Caricature of America’s Radicalized Youth Marching Toward Socialism Ends'

See also School shootings are not the new normal, despite statistics that stretch the truth

US Treasury Posts Gigantic $1.16 Trillion Shortfall in Fiscal 2017, Hilariously Points out “Where We Are Headed”

Another major story that somehow never made the news

‘Moderate’ Gun Control Is a Farce, and What Might Actually Work Isn’t Worth What We’d Give Up

See also Why Does America Have a Second Amendment?

Mueller Patched Together Much of His Indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe Article

Do you think this will make the headlines?

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