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Wednesday supersized roundup

Trump plan to toss school discipline guidelines is misguided

“Rather than questioning why such disparity exists, Trump suggested that the Obama disciplinary guidelines had made schools more dangerous.”

Future is full of 'flying rivers' and 'rain bombs', Middle-East to be inhabitable, warns Al Gore

Gore excels at rabble rousing, but fails in predictions

Saudi women should have choice whether to wear abaya robe: crown prince

This is a pretty big reform

Report: Officials Wanted Stoneman High Shooter Committed Under the Baker Act in 2016

What happened?

A 12-year-old started playing with a dog. A deputy punched her in the face, Texas cops say

This man should be charged with assault

David Hogg Gets Another College Rejection Letter, Still Doesn’t Get It

“From the moment the bodies were carried away from the scene of the carnage, Hogg has stood in the blood of his classmates and used their tragedy to gain attention for himself.” See also Florida Teen David Hogg Makes Horrible Error With Nazi-Like Images In Gun Protest

US Political Meddling is Very Real, Spans the Globe

Here's the answer to "why do they hate us?"

Civil Insurrection: A Modest Proposal for Ending the United States

This makes way too much sense

Former FBI Director Goes On Record: “Comey, McCabe, & Brennan All Corrupt & Everything Leads Back To Obama”

Well, some of us knew this for years

What’s genius for Obama is scandal when it comes to Trump

The article doesn't tell us anything new, but what a headline! See also Facebook's Existential Crisis

Senators suspect Comey lied and plotted to double-cross Trump, seek second special counsel

I'd say a special counsel is justified

3 Simple Ways We Give Up A Ton Of Very Personal Information To Facebook And Random Apps

Don't use Facebook. Ever.

Racial Income Disparities: Outcomes Without Explanations

It's not just racism

“There’s No Fear of Being Caught”

Wen you can't trust the police

What if Women Just Don't Want STEM Careers?

Not all women want the same things

Why Is Silicon Valley’s Cool New Self-Flying Taxi Taking Off in New Zealand Instead of California?

Regulation, regulation, and more regulation

Facebook's Trouble Is Only Deepening

Their business model is biting them in the posterier

Sanders Feels The Bern After Surrounding Himself With Armed Police At National Walkout Rally

No guns for you, but guns for his bodyguards

NHS Doctor: "No Patients Have Experienced Symptoms Of Nerve Agent Poisoning In Salisbury"

When the government narrative doesn't fit

Ryan Doesn’t Want to Name Congressmen Who Benefited from Tax-Funded Sex Harassment Payoffs

It should be public record and paid by the Congressman's state

Deep-Freezing the Truth at Penn

“A distinguished law professor is publicly shamed for pointing out truths about race preferences.”

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